Theory Club is held every Friday after school until 4.30pm. It is free to join but students buy their own workbook (approx $13.90) and bring a packet of biscuits or milo once a term. It's lots of fun learning theory together, playing theory games, sitting practice exams and using pianos and computers to reinforce learning!
Scroll to the bottom for some excellent YouTube clips on theory as well as links.

Click here to go to a selection of online interactive theory activities.
Please click here and fill in this form if you intend to sit an exam.
The next exam is June 15 and closing date for entry is May 17. (Maybe good for some who finished their books at the end of last year)
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Remember there are some online theory activities on the "useful music links" page

Keep practicing your Italian... and practice exam papers... and remember to get them marked....
ABRSM website
10 top Tips from ABRSM

Click here for photos of the last day of term 3 theory!
Photos of term 3 theory



Click here to go to a selection of online interactive theory activities.


The following YouTube Clips are from "TheMusicTheoryGuy"

This link will take you to all the MUSICTHEORYGUY videos! (There are lots more to discover!)

The following clips are from "PianoAnne"

Here is a link to the PianoAnne Theory YouTube Clips

The clip below is to practice reading rhythms...

Here is a link to some JuniorTheory clips..